What's up with the US and cyber spionage?

By | December 5, 2011
Sigh… shortly after the SOPA is greeted by dramatic public protest, the US government has the next draft up its sleeves: this time, encourage companies to pass over user data by 'bribing' them with security information. Is it sleazy, or is that just my opinion?

… at any rate, the speed at which the two draft laws follow each other suggest that the US government really wants access to user data, for whatever reason. May be high time to consider moving valuable US-stored data out of US servers!


USA: Herausgabe von Nutzerdaten soll belohnt werden
Ein Gesetzentwurf in den USA sieht vor, dass Firmen profitieren sollen, wenn sie Nutzerdaten an Behörden liefern. Sie bekämen Geheimdienst-Informationen zu Cyberattacken.

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