Shifting cultural dominance

By | November 15, 2011
I find it fascinating to see what cultural emergences come out of Asia using its current dominant position in the world economic stage to present and preserve their culture. Japan has started "exporting japanese culture" as opposed to copying western art – I'm sure you've heard of or seen the rock, paper, scissors schoolgirl shows, or the business-suit synchronized dancing, that have spread like wildfire in the recent year. China following suit with this prize is certainly an interesting insight in what China, or at least certain political levels in China, value.

As the current "emerging markets" rise, I think we're going to see more such shifts, and also a depreciation of the meaning of overrated awards – I can't say what awards will become overrated, but the sheer number of awards handed out, and the businesses that grow around award-management, is in my opinion rather questionable to a large extent.

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Vladimir Putin beat other candidates such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Yuan Longping, a Chinese agricultural scientist, to nab this year's "Confucius Peace Prize".

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China peace prize awarded to Russia’s Putin

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