Moving towards customer-oriented web

By | November 15, 2011
User interface aside (I'm not convinced that this interface will work anytime in the near future given the number of non-geeky people out there), this post and video do highlight some useful focus points that CRM will need to enable in order to target the mobile working class and next generation.

1) Context recognition: get all the small services and transactions working together in a simple, effortless flow. Use technology to help make connections and recommendations that are relevant and important to the user.

2) Offering alternatives: nothing is more powerful than the illusion of choice. By presenting limited options in a response to a particular context, the user is conduced to bring business where the company wants it.

3) Fusion of canals and technologies: the user doesn't care what tools and channels are used; the user cares about the end result. So fusing and standardizing tools and channels for information flow is going to be critical in establishing a customer-oriented infrastructure.

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