By | November 8, 2011
and the first page rankings are out! Impressive reaction time from CircleCount.

Reshared post from +CircleCount

After everyone is creating his Google+ Page we went one step further and created the list of the Top Google+ Pages on

You can find them here:
A blog entry is here:

Congratulations to the +Google Developers who are leading right now this ranking!

And if you want to add your Google+ Page there, just open the startpage of and add your url in the left field. That's it! ;)

The Google+ Pages at Google+ –
In this directory you can see the Google+ Pages from Google+ at and find pages that are worth to be circled!

3 thoughts on “

  1. CircleCount

    Seams to work 😉
    Welcome new follower(in) 😉

    I think it's spam-prevention, but not the best way to solve this issue. For example, if we find a post like this and want to say thank you or there is a problem somewhere, we can't comment anything there. They could work with a "spam report" button, but let's see how the pages will look like in the future.

  2. Sophie Wrobel

    +CircleCount are you allowed to react now?

    Interested to know why pages can't comment if you are not following them – not sure if that is some kind of spam-prevention mechanism, or what. If it is spam-prevention, it is rather useless as individual accounts will still be able to spam without requiring a reciprocal relationship. If not, I wonder why the restriction – unless to prevent people like me from chatting with pages and not following them? If so, then back to the old feature request Google, please give us useful filters in Google+!


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