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By | November 3, 2011

s. Relationship: What web site owners should learn from Google's AdSense

This is what internet services is about: building a relationship between companies and consumers.

And one of the central paradigm shifts that many site operators forget about when designing their web presence: sites tend to be designed with usability defined as allowing users to easily succeed at certain behaviours which are profitable for the site operator. Instead, we should be defining usability as the ease with which a person can build a relationship with the site operator… so that the site operator becomes the central hub of their web-based community. And then users are happy and stay, and accept all the rest of the behaviours (including the profitable use cases) that the company offers.

It should be interesting to see how quickly the market reacts and how soon the changing paradigm resonates throughout the web.

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Why Google's ad transparency is good business.

The conventional wisdom goes like this: Companies can make a ton of money by knowing everything about you, then selling advertising that leverages your private information.

Because people don't like this, companies have to be sneaky about it, and conceal how much they know about you and how they're using your data.

Facebook does it. Apple does it. Amazon does it. The cell phone carriers do it. And Google does it.

But recently, Google has discovered that the opposite strategy could be even more lucrative.

Now the company seems to be taking "not being sneaky" to unprecedented levels. By opening up online advertising to user understanding and control, Google has found a way to turn users from ad victims into willing and happy ad participants.

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