Very good discussion – I agree, on the most part

By | October 25, 2011
There isn't (yet) a one-tool-fits-all solution – there isn't in hardware, and I doubt there is one for social networking.

People have tried to build all-in-one devices: Stereo player, radio, mp3 player, telefone, fax center, etc. all in one. But yet consumers go and buy a separate iPod, cellular phone, analog phone, shower radio… and industrial farmers go and buy separate harvesters, plows, … instead of an all-in-one combi. Why?

Because things are convenient. Like all the various devices, people like information in small amounts that they can digest easily and pre-sorted according to what they use them for. The same applies to social media. Though there is a difference: just like a DIY system has provided farmers with a set of building blocks that can be hooked up to easily achieve any mechanical device needed on a farm, a well-designed system could give consumers the flexibility to – even within one platform – filter out information into bite-sized chunks. I haven't seen this system yet, and thus it is a sad day when corporations try to force social activity into a single, central place where it can go to die (or make people's lives painful). But I still have hope that one day that golden tool will come out to shine!

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Very good discussion of why Reader suits certain kinds of social very well, and Plus doesn't. A must-read for +Bradley Horowitz

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