By | October 24, 2011
Security flaws at Amazon. Security flaws exist all the time, so not quite big news, but a valid question: how vulnerable are the various public and private clouds out there, and what methods / metrics are out there for helping consumers / businesses to figure out how secure which clouds are?


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Cloud computing: gaps in the “cloud” – Massive security flaws at Amazon Web Services discovered
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  1. Christian Schmitz

    To get to that private cloud point:
    Some companies use private cloud to term a "walled area" within a public cloudservice. Other companies apply the term to dedicated clusters of single customers whilst even others use it to describe cloudservices within their very own infrastructure.
    Since Cloud is our core business and safety the mainstay of our customers decisionmaking here is our approach:
    Whatever we tell our customer is good and all that but in the end, the customer needs to be able to independently verify that things are really safe. In that regard, apart from sound software, we suggest that our customers should just "take our Software" and run it on their own infrastructure. In that way the customer can independently, using his choice of third party software, verify that things are going well.
    I believe that conceptually, similar safety is simply not possible in first-generation cloud setups.


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