By | October 19, 2011
Country with the highest Goal Conversion Rate: Vatican City. I wonder what that implies about the world, religion, politics, and economic power?

Well, seriously: I read three trends here:
1) Website operators are getting better at optimizing their sites.
2) Mobile traffic is increasing.
3) Users are becoming more reliant on search engines to find what they are looking for.

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Klicktipp: The 2011 Web Analytics Review

Google hat eine Studie zum weltweiten Surfverhalten erstellt, an der sich
Hunderttausende von Webseiten beteiligt haben. Herausgekommen ist diese spannende Infografik…

The 2011 Web Analytics Review
Hundreds of thousands of websites across the globe have participated in Google’s ongoing study of web browsing behavior. So far, the results of the study have been very insightful. Dig into the data p…

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