Integrating Google Reader to 'spam' Google+ is now an option

By | October 17, 2011
I wonder how this is going to affect Google+ user behaviour. Will this open up the network to make 'spam sharing' easier? Are we going to see a greater disconnect, such that more and more users provide uncommented posts and lower the quality of discussion? Is this going to be the 'feed' method of distributing conversation that a lot of us are afraid of when discussing how a Google+ API allowing twitter posts to be easily passed into Google+ would kill the quality of the network?

… At any rate, I'll probably be adding the type and sort of 'external service shares' to my filter criteria when picking who to follow back.

But for those who want to know how to do it:

/via +Matthew Snell

How to Enable Sharing From Google Reader to Your Google+ Profile
By being able to share directly from Google Reader as opposed to having to open a link, copy and paste the link and then login to Google+ to share it makes things much easier on those who rely on RSS …

7 thoughts on “Integrating Google Reader to 'spam' Google+ is now an option

  1. Bob Adams

    This integration works well for G+ but I too hope that it doesn't become overused by those who have nothing to contribute when posting. I, for one, am looking for dialogue more than just another news source.

  2. Douglas Welch

    I like the format of shared items in Reader Shared Items myself with your comment at the top and then a segment of the post below. This is pretty much what G+ is doing when you share an item directly right now.

  3. Douglas Welch

    I found the format of it didn't really match what I was looking for when sharing, so I have continued to cut and paste into the Share box myself for now.

  4. Sophie Wrobel

    +Douglas Welch I agree, it isn't quite automatic yet. I'm not convinced that automation is a good thing though, although it is one that many users would appreciate given the current social media fragmentation.

  5. Douglas Welch

    This article doesn't talk about automatic sharing, but rather a Reader Send to setup. Still a fairly manual process. I would like to see an auto share from Reader, as most of the items I want to share on G+ are first found in Reader.


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