If Google had asked me for a suggested user list

By | September 5, 2011
Well. I would like to see moderated topic themes, as +Robert Scoble has already suggested as an alternative to suggested users. That's how trending news sources establish themselves in the tech world – for example, Engadget, ReadWriteWeb, and pretty much every other well-known non-traditional journalistic news source.

But if there has to be a suggested user list, then taking the circled list of anyone who understands social media would make a good suggested user list. And browsing their friends is a great way to expand your list. I don't care what the celebrities say, I care about what is relevant for me and in a form that I can consume. That may be popular noisemakers – but may also be people who filter out the interesting stuff from the noisemakers so that I don't get flooded by information.

I can also understand that people just starting without a network need a launch pad to help them start out – not just in finding people to follow, but also in figuring out how to use social media.In my opinion, if Google wants to make the 'who to follow' thing really simple, then they should make a wizard:

1) How many updates do you want to see per day on Google+? (sliding scale with words like 'few (10)' to 'many (500+)')

2) What topics do you like? (tag cloud of keywords that Google has about you from various stuff, like your profile, email, whatever, and free-text field)

3) When do you primarily read updates? (some way of selecting hours/day, days/week, and geographical location)

4) What languages would you like to recieve updates in? (selection of languages)

5) Now, Google, do your magic and give me a list of suggested people who fit those criteria, regularly post insightful stuff on that topic with a frequency that would not exceed my consumption limit, and where those people post stuff at times which are friendly to me and mostly in languages I can understand. If I already have friends, searching their circles and content would give a good indication on what type of stuff and which posting styles I want to read. If not? Then help me find some based on those top +1'ed posts across your platform.

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