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3D Zebra Stripes

Isafjordur, Iceland, has picked an interesting new design for their zebra stripe crossings. By using an optical illusion to make the stripes appear three-dimensional, they've managed to slow down traffic and improve road safety for pedestrians. Personally, I'm not so sure three-dimensional optical illusions on a road are such a good idea – drivers will… Read More »

What causes the backlash against big tech?

I agree with this author on one key point: The cause of the bad sentiment against technology platform giants is based on weaknesses in our legal system. Beyond that, our arguments diverge. See, our legal system is designed to protect consumer rights in a producer-consumer environment. And it has been adapted to protect communications intermediaries.… Read More »

On the way to battery-free electronics

There's a lot of ambient energy being emitted into our atmosphere – and this prototype demonstrates that that energy is enough to power a mobile phone. Now, this prototype is very limited, working only within a 9 meter range of the base tower (or 15 meter range from the base tower if you additionally use… Read More »

Tea consumption is associated with controlling gene expression

It looks like tea affects which segments of our genes are expressed – and which aren't. That may explain why tea is often associated with various healing properties. In particular, it looks like some of the gene segments that it affects may include ones associated with cancer risk and high blood pressure. No good news… Read More »