Answering your challenge

You generate lots of data and have difficulty applying big data to influence your strategy. This is due to a number of conflicting requirements, such as performance, accuracy, data segregation, compliance, legal uncertainty, and cost effectiveness. Your legal specialists, business analysts, and IT teams have difficulty arriving at constructive suggestions to improve the status quo due to a lack of understanding of their counterpart domains.

Let’s create an efficient solution to meet your targets with built on a sound technical, legal and business foundation.

Legal Advice

I am a LL.M Candidate specializing in internet law and policy. I help you tailor efficient, low-cost processes and solutions to address the European market.

IT Strategy

I have worked with account management to increase operational revenue by 400% within two years, and I can help you align your IT strategy with business targets to allow optimal performance on short, mid- and long-term objectives.

Enterprise Architecture

Combining over 15 years of experience in development, system administration and software architecture with deep legal knowledge and business understanding, I help you find creative solutions to achieve technical objectives and compliance requirements without burdening your existing business processes.


I work with you to create training programs building employee digital competency that maximize your business results. Past projects include developing and deploying country-specific social sales training course series tailored to accelerate European sales.

Research Services

I act as an independent expert to assess grant proposals and external monitor to assess research progress against funded projects.

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