On the way to battery-free electronics

There's a lot of ambient energy being emitted into our atmosphere – and this prototype demonstrates that that energy is enough to power a mobile phone. Now, this prototype is very limited, working only within a 9 meter range of the base tower (or 15 meter range from the base tower if you additionally use… Read More »

Tea consumption is associated with controlling gene expression

It looks like tea affects which segments of our genes are expressed – and which aren't. That may explain why tea is often associated with various healing properties. In particular, it looks like some of the gene segments that it affects may include ones associated with cancer risk and high blood pressure. No good news… Read More »

The real price of sex robots

Partner not the best in bed? No worries, sex robots are there and ready to please! Right now, sex robots are dumb. But that doesn't need to be the case: Embedding a smart personal agent like Siri on your sex robot would technologically be relative easy and could spice things up – but at the… Read More »

Why begging Google to be more careful won't solve the "Ads on Hate Speech Video" issues

Perhaps you remember the waves of advertiser boycotts of YouTube for posting ads on videos with hate speech, followed by considerable online discussion on how big social media companies are evil and should be held liable somehow. The problem here is that YouTube's hands are bound: They are a content hosting platform, and as such,… Read More »

Artificial wombs – a first step to a lot of possible futures

These little lambs spent the latter half of their pregnancy term in artificial wombs, outside their mothers bodies. And their physical development appears not to have been affected when compared to normal development – an excellent first indicator on the success of growing babies in artificial wombs. Of course, the artificial womb isn't ready for… Read More »