The real price of sex robots

Partner not the best in bed? No worries, sex robots are there and ready to please! Right now, sex robots are dumb. But that doesn't need to be the case: Embedding a smart personal agent like Siri on your sex robot would technologically be relative easy and could spice things up – but at the… Read More »

Artificial wombs – a first step to a lot of possible futures

These little lambs spent the latter half of their pregnancy term in artificial wombs, outside their mothers bodies. And their physical development appears not to have been affected when compared to normal development – an excellent first indicator on the success of growing babies in artificial wombs. Of course, the artificial womb isn't ready for… Read More »

Want some gluten-free wheat?

An Italian company has invented a way of treating wheat so that it no longer contains the allergens that celiac (gluten-allergy) patients react to. That means, you can eat gluten-free pasta and breads that taste like normal pasta and bread, but don't cause the nasty gluten-based reactions. Being curious as to how that works, I… Read More »

RAM and ROM in one: fast long-term memory!

Until now, computer memory chips are divided into two sorts: the fast kind, which is great for doing computations on faster than you can blink, but can't store information once power goes, and the slow kind, which is great for storing information but not fast enough to perform heavy computations on. As a result, a… Read More »

SHA-1 vulnerability published

Google has just disclosed method to create hast collisions. Full sourcecode willfollow in90 days. In the meantime, you should check that any sites you use to transmit important stuff over is using a more secure algorithm. Google Online Security Blog