RAM and ROM in one: fast long-term memory!

Until now, computer memory chips are divided into two sorts: the fast kind, which is great for doing computations on faster than you can blink, but can't store information once power goes, and the slow kind, which is great for storing information but not fast enough to perform heavy computations on. As a result, a… Read More »

SHA-1 vulnerability published

Google has just disclosed method to create hast collisions. Full sourcecode willfollow in90 days. In the meantime, you should check that any sites you use to transmit important stuff over is using a more secure algorithm. Google Online Security Blog

Why Europe’s sharing economy is suffocating

I've been thinking lately that there are a couple problems with the way things are set up today which really prevent the sharing economy from taking off in Europe. At the center of everything is a shift in values: people don't value ownership as much as they used to. Instead, they value access. For example,… Read More »

EU – Yes to free WiFi, No to free anonymous surfing

Because there are a lot of misleading articles recently, I think this is an important clarification: the recent CJEU decision doesn't say that shopkeepers have to take responsibility for the actions of users on free WiFi networks. On the contrary, it says that shopkeepers are protected from being liable for actions carried out by users,… Read More »

Regenerate your teeth

Stem cells are a magical tool that can fix almost any problem with your health, because stem cells can develop to become any type of cell in the body depending on where they happen to be in the body. As it seems, a particular drug, Tideglusib, triggers stem cell production in teeth – allowing rapid,… Read More »

Could collaborative consumption raise the happiness index?

While the concept of collaborative consumption is very old – European records contain Roman legal constructs and definitions for collaborative consumption – the recent popularity growth of collaborative consumption in the western world suggests that the mainstream culture in the western world is changing, and perhaps this time it's a good change. Almost a year… Read More »