Regenerate your teeth

Stem cells are a magical tool that can fix almost any problem with your health, because stem cells can develop to become any type of cell in the body depending on where they happen to be in the body. As it seems, a particular drug, Tideglusib, triggers stem cell production in teeth – allowing rapid,… Read More »

Could collaborative consumption raise the happiness index?

While the concept of collaborative consumption is very old – European records contain Roman legal constructs and definitions for collaborative consumption – the recent popularity growth of collaborative consumption in the western world suggests that the mainstream culture in the western world is changing, and perhaps this time it's a good change. Almost a year… Read More »

Expect more e-books at your local European library soon!

Some countries have a 'public lending exception' allowing public libraries to lend books without first acquiring expensive licenses. This recent CJEU decision establishes applies to e-books too – lowering the hurdle for public libraries to acquire and lend e-books. This decision is an important win for the information sharing society, and opens the door for… Read More »

JASTA: Is the US more authoritative than an international court?

This US bill, which was passed yesterday, is highly concerning. To highly oversimplify things, it looks like this bill is trying to make the world subject to American law and American definitions on anything related to terrorism (however the US decides to define terrorism now and in the future). Of course, all without asking the… Read More »

The NSA Side of the Story: Countering the Insider Threat

Edward Snowden's actions have had serious implications across the world – and raised many important questions. One of those questions is how an organization can defend itself against the threat of cybercrime committed by insiders with malicious intent – and Snowden's case is a wonderful example of how complex that insider threat can sometimes be.… Read More »